biscuit-web-2.JPG I keep getting emails from a sender named Solar Biscuit…no–not emails–spam.  But each time one pops up, I can’t help but smile and think of my cat, Biscuit, and that her superhero name might be “Solar Biscuit” (Solar Biscuit to the rescu-u-u-ue!).  Then, of course, I begin to imagine that these emails are not, in fact, spam, but my cat’s true and dextrous alter ego sending me emails while I’m away (The messages–they’re coming from…inside the house!)

biscuit-web-1.JPGI adopted this small-sized being about three years ago at the San Francisco SPCA during the height of summer “kitten season” when adoption costs go down $25 or $50 or so (from the $100+ or so adoption fee) because they have to liquidate the kittens at crazy outlet prices.  She is and has been an excellent little roommate (Not smelly; not loud; meets, but doesn’t intrude when guests come over.  Downside: permanently unemployed, a free-loader).  It is not currently “kitten season” at the SPCA, but, apparently, bunny season, with its website declaring, “The Bunnies are coming!”  That’s just way too cute.  

Incidentally, a Google search (as if I am even going to bother hyperlinking this text to its site) reveals that Solar Biscuit has something to do with “A Battery-Less Wireless Sensor Network System”.