Perhaps quite soon, San Francisco won’t be the only major city in the U.S. that is taking steps to ban the use of plastic grocery bags.  Lucky for me, I already mostly shop in San Francisco for groceries, which has led me to, arguably, do my part in defeating the whole purpose of the movement, as I am now starting to accumulate more bags, albeit reusable ones.

bags-021.JPGI bags-013.JPGordinarily use this nice reversable spring number that came with a Clinique gift-with-purchase promotion several years ago (left).  One side is canvas, the other side is waterproof nylon.  Very jaunty look for the spring and summer.  With a nice wide bucket bottom, it carries plenty, but, since it is only one,  I supplemented on one trip to Trader Joe’s with thier crunchy plastic ones reminiscent both of Hawaiian shirts and little old Asian women back in our mother countries (or Chinatown) who carry a version of a reusable bag in this exact material, only with a Madras-style print.  99¢.

On a recent trip to IKEA, I learned two things:  1) They are now charging 5¢ per plastic bag at the checkout, much like other countries (Korea and Italy, are all I know personally, actually), to discourage the use of disposable plastic bags.  They’ve been offering a reusable blue version of the yellow bags they have in-store for use while you shop now for 59¢.  See one in action here from one of my favorite bloggers, who, incidentally, had a discussion of reusable shopping bags recently.

bastis-cat.jpgbastis-dog.jpgBut, cutest of all, also available from IKEA in their BÄSTIS line for pets, is a “storage case” for cat food or dog food!  The dog food one is very large, sized to cover a 50 lb. or so bag of pet food.  It is blue and illustrated with a plate of bones.  I imagine somewhat unwieldy for daily use.  Not something you’d put in the truck of the car to use while grocery shopping. More for storing stuff.   $3.99.

bags-006.JPGThe smaller cat version, however, is the perfect size for everyday human use.  Fits a stack of magazines or 2+ loaves of bread or about a 10+ lb. bag of catfood, etc.  It is green and illustrated with a plate of fish with Simpson-like bubble eyes.  $1.99.

The coolest feature of these is that both have zippered-tops with mesh holes on the sides.  The cat one has a mesh cut-out shaped like a fish.  The dog, a bone.