Here’s poetry review #2 of 2 for National Poetry Month:

Tuesday; An Art ProjectPOEMS PHOTOGRAPHS PRINTS are the contents advertised on the wrapper of Jennifer Flescher’s twice-yearly art and poetry journal in the form of a 5″ x 7″ deck, Tuesday; An Art Project.

I first learned about the since-2007 pub at Duotrope’s Digest, where I scout out pubs to submit to. Being an ephemera and letterpress lover, I was enchanted by the idea of it, but resisted subscribing for no other reason than that the semi-colon of the title seemed disconcerting to me. What’s it doing there? Shouldn’t it be a colon instead? Thoughts.

But, oh, it’s a lovely thing to receive in the mail and hold. Each issue consists of 15+ weighty cream cards (or semi-gloss cardstock in the case of the photographic offerings) secured by a letterpress paper band and wrapped in a sheet of cardstock also letterpressed with masthead, table of contents, contributors’ notes and a poem reprinted from that issue’s deck. The decks have a curated mix of poetry, photographs and art prints. Very clearly the opposite of the world of online journals and the immediacy of PDF chapbooks discussed previously in my National Poetry Month poetry journal review #1.

At $13 for a single issue ($25 for a 1-year subscription of 2 issues), Tuesday; An Art Project does put a dent in the reading budget, but it is quite the singular package, unlike any other poetry and art periodical I’ve seen. Flescher writes on the website, “I wanted to make a thing we could hold.” And, “Work should be enjoyed tactilely. Poems should be kept, when loved. Passed on. Sent out.” Coming in at under $1 a card, the art and poems can be sent as correspondence as well. (I am not sure if parting with portions of the deck will be an easy thing to do for ephemera nuts and bibliophiles.)

Favorite line in a poem: “Pass me that bottle of Scotch, I need a mitten / for my soul.” “Sunday” by Cate Marvin in issue 1:1 (Spring 2007)