Writing, blogging and crafts slinked into a tidy and moth-free closet in an unattended recess of my brain when I started a new law gig in June that has turned out to be very satisfying and rewarding work (omg, holy surprise!).  Writerly and bloggerly endeavors took a backseat to the wonder and newness of a world without billable hours.  However, taking a cue from the Craig S. Perez playbook on being involved through and through in the poetry community, I’ve started writing reviews of literary journals with NewPages.com, Denise Hill’s cornucopia-o-info site on what’s out there in the literary world.   I get my hands on some pretty neat specimens, some if not many that are not readily available at local bookstores, and exposure to the work of plenty of contemporary and emerging writers.  My first two reviews of Cannibal and The Lumberyard, both with a letterpress-y or handmade aesthetic, are here (Cannibal) and here (The Lumberyard).