Handmade Rabbit SocietyAs I’ve been discussing (and hawking) in recent days the handmade chapbook I am giving away to chapbook enthusiasts, poem hunters and other readers, I aim to distribute 100 copies of Handmade Rabbit Society in exchange for the author and title of a chapbook that has been self-published or published by a small- or micro-press, with the goal of turning people on to the chapbook format and introducing the work of emerging poets and writers. I am now about a month into this project (funded by a Cultural Equity Grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission) and the booklist has begun to grow. So, in chronological order of chapbook/book titles as I’ve received them, here are the first fifteen:

  1. Louie, Miriam & Nguyen | Ranting Tiger Thundering Bunny (self-pub)
  2. Doan, Mai | transgression: things I’ve learned from my body (self-pub)
  3. Becker, Priscilla | Stories That Listen (Four Way Books)
  4. Goss, Erica | Wildplace (Finishing Line Press)
  5. Luo, Rona | Mansions and other poems (self-pub)
  6. Fuller, Casey | A Fort Made of Doors (Floating Bridge Press)
  7. Wong, Angela Veronica | to know this (Cy Gist Press)
  8. Rhee, Margaret | Yellow (Tinfish Press)
  9. Nakayasu, Sawako | Clutch (Tinfish Press)
  10. Tanemura, Kenny | Mao’s Pears (Tinfish Press)
  11. Wong, Jane | Dendrochronology (Dancing Girl Press)
  12. Castro, Guillermo | Cry Me a Lorca (Seven Kitchens Press)
  13. Beyer, Tamiko | Bough Breaks (Meritage Press)
  14. Clark, Jackie | I Live Here Now (Lame House Press)
  15. Killough, Maurine | Underseams (self-pub)

Authors 1, 2 and 5–Miriam Ching Yoon Louie and her daughter Nguyen; Mai Doan and Rona Luo–actually produced and published their chapbooks in a span of one week bookended by a two-part workshop I led at Kearny Street Workshop on chapbook making.

Learn how you can add a favorite title to this list and receive my chapbook for free here. Please feel free to check in from time to time for new additions to the list I am compiling.