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Elmo Cocktail

The Elmo Cocktail (A festive concoction for adults)

1 part prosecco
1 part orange juice
splash of cranberry juice
2 blueberries
slice or wedge of orange

Mac ‘n’ Cheese using an easy and delicious recipe from homeroom, the macaroni and cheese restaurant located in Oakland, across the bay. (Seriously, this dish got rave reviews at two parties and I didn’t even follow the recipe’s ingredients as called for.)

Big Little Birds, i.e. marinated and grilled wings and drumettes using a play on words and strikethrough typeface.

Big Bird’s Sunflower Seeds, one of my daughter’s favorite snacks.

Magic Veggie Wands, cut celery and carrot sticks with bowls of peanut butter and ranch dressing for dipping.

Lesson Learned: As I became increasingly aware of all the newfangled Sesame Street characters, it occurred to me afteward that I could have called the dish “Abby Cadabby’s Magic Veggie Wands”.

Deviled Eggs, decorated with toothpicks topped with Sesame Street stickers front and back.

Tip #2: Topping stickers on toothpicks is a easy and festive way to decorate a table of food in your party theme.

Tossed Salad

Elmo Berry and Fruit Platter

Elmo buffet 1

Earth’s Best Sesame Street snacks, nothing like product placement to reinforce the Sesame Street theme!

Elmo buffet 2

Half-pint glass milk bottles with flexi-straws, I have a go-to stash of these guys collected from a prior trip to Hong Kong that I pull out to make things cute and charming whenever kids come over to eat. I also picked up a half dozen reproduction “vintage” milk bottles awhile back, but I am wary of them because the glass seam is noticeable and one of them even sprung a leak on me recently. Others recommend empty Starbucks frappuccino bottles for that vintage schoolhouse look.

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