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Linocat Loves Chapbooks, Pt. I


Handmade Rabbit SocietyAs I’ve been discussing (and hawking) in recent days the handmade chapbook I am giving away to chapbook enthusiasts, poem hunters and other readers, I aim to distribute 100 copies of Handmade Rabbit Society in exchange for the author and title of a chapbook that has been self-published or published by a small- or micro-press, with the goal of turning people on to the chapbook format and introducing the work of emerging poets and writers. I am now about a month into this project (funded by a Cultural Equity Grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission) and the booklist has begun to grow. So, in chronological order of chapbook/book titles as I’ve received them, here are the first fifteen:

  1. Louie, Miriam & Nguyen | Ranting Tiger Thundering Bunny (self-pub)
  2. Doan, Mai | transgression: things I’ve learned from my body (self-pub)
  3. Becker, Priscilla | Stories That Listen (Four Way Books)
  4. Goss, Erica | Wildplace (Finishing Line Press)
  5. Luo, Rona | Mansions and other poems (self-pub)
  6. Fuller, Casey | A Fort Made of Doors (Floating Bridge Press)
  7. Wong, Angela Veronica | to know this (Cy Gist Press)
  8. Rhee, Margaret | Yellow (Tinfish Press)
  9. Nakayasu, Sawako | Clutch (Tinfish Press)
  10. Tanemura, Kenny | Mao’s Pears (Tinfish Press)
  11. Wong, Jane | Dendrochronology (Dancing Girl Press)
  12. Castro, Guillermo | Cry Me a Lorca (Seven Kitchens Press)
  13. Beyer, Tamiko | Bough Breaks (Meritage Press)
  14. Clark, Jackie | I Live Here Now (Lame House Press)
  15. Killough, Maurine | Underseams (self-pub)

Authors 1, 2 and 5–Miriam Ching Yoon Louie and her daughter Nguyen; Mai Doan and Rona Luo–actually produced and published their chapbooks in a span of one week bookended by a two-part workshop I led at Kearny Street Workshop on chapbook making.

Learn how you can add a favorite title to this list and receive my chapbook for free here. Please feel free to check in from time to time for new additions to the list I am compiling.

Sign up for KSW’s Two-part Screenprinting Workshop!


goccoI will be teaching the first of a two-part workshop “Do-It-Yourself Screenprinting” at Kearny Street Workshop in May as part of API Cultural Center’s United States of Asian America Festival.  Learn and produce multiple prints on the Print Gocco at this hands-on workshop.  In addition to supplies to flash a master screen and equipment time to print as many as you can make in an afternoon, we’ll discuss the future of Gocco, sourcing additional supplies and equipment and tips on maximizing space on the screen, multiple color layout and doing what we can to reduce equipment malfunctions.  Handouts provided.  The following weekend, Scott Louie and Herna Cruz Louie bring us back to silkscreen on a larger format.  Be sure to register early as class size is limited.  Class Details:

yuduMay 1, 10 am – 2 pm & May 8, 10 am – 3 pm
Location: 1246 Folsom St.
Registration: $95 (includes cost of all materials)

This is a hands-on workshop for novice screen printers. Learn the basics of screen printing on all media and the complete screen printing process from artwork preparation to image burning to ink application. Make your own DIY notecards, business cards, or even a handy tote bag! After two Saturdays, you’ll be equipped with the savvy to screen print future projects on your own. Screen printing has been a tool for social and political change, and was one of the earliest classes offered by KSW. Workshop instructor Scott Louie will give you the historical context to appreciate this art form.

Day 1: Print Gocco with Debbie Yee
Learn how to use the Print Gocco, an all-in-one tabletop screenprinting machine from Japan. Produce your own small art prints, notecards, business cards and other small paper goods from images sized up to 3 1/2″ x 5″.

Day 2: Traditional Screen Printing and Yudu with Scott Louie
Screen print one artwork onto your choice of substrates (paper, cloth, wood, etc.) Then take your screen home to continue printing on your own. In addition to traditional screen printing, this session includes a tutorial on modern screen printing with the Yudu.

Registration fee is $95. To register by check, please send check or money order to: Kearny Street Workshop, P.O. Box 14545, San Francisco, CA 94114-0545. Register online. Please include your full name and contact info.

Lucky Cat + Linocut = Linocat


daisoluckycatsWelcome to Linocat, a blog of minor poetry and crafts considerations and an archive of poems and made things of Debbie Yee.

cats and linocuts 058I was inspired to spruce up a previous blog and name it after a linocut print of a contemporary Japanese Lucky Cat illustration I created at a printmaking workshop I took with Billy at 3 Fish Studios in Dogpatch, San Francisco this summer.  The proprietors of 3 Fish Studios, are Annie Galvin and Eric Rewitzer.  They are a husband-wife artist duo with day jobs. They were so warm and welcoming, each with his and her own artistic style and preferred medium, that Billy and I wanted to be copycats (with the highest regard, of course) and have fantasized about having our own studio one day where we, too, could have people come by just to make stuff.  cats and linocuts 067

cats and linocuts 073For now, seeing as how we aren’t even close to carving out a space in the garage, little projects begun and finished at the kitchen table and the other bedroom will have to do.