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Popcorn, Indiana 47462


Addiction.  Spicy Honey Mustard Kettlecorn by the company Popcorn, Indiana.  Flavor sensations for the mouth.  Purchased at Canyon Market in Glen Park. 

I had to investigate whether there really was a place named Popcorn.  The packaging asserts, “Every mouthful of this amazing popcorn is a little visit to this tiny town, a real place called Popcorn, Indiana (20 miles southwest of Bloomington). . . .”  If true, then there must still be goodness and magic in America. 

Google Maps points to it here.  The U.S. Postal Service doesn’t recognize the town, and attributes the Google-found ZIP code of 47462 instead to Springville, IN.  Maybe it is marketing and fantasy, but how adorable would that be to have that as your return address?  It is like living in a place called Donut Hole, Wyoming; Warm Puppy, California; or Snowflake, Vermont.

Daiso Japan (Daly City, CA): 100¥ or $1.50 finds, give or take


daiso4.jpgdaiso3.jpgDaiso Japan (“Japan’s #1 Livingware Supplier”) just off the Serramonte Blvd. exit of 280 South: new exploratory ground for all the housewares, gift items and cooking gadgets you never thought you needed.  Sunday was my first visit to this discount store neatly filled to the brim with all manner of small goods intended for the Japanese consumer.  Daiso has a truly extensive selection of paper and plastic packaging for the gift-baker in you, including paper cupcake/muffin liners of all patterns and diameters (see unremarkable camera-phone quality photo, top right), cello bags with twist ties, nicely-designed cardboard boxes for loaf-sized breads and cakes.

daiso1.jpgdaiso2.jpgThe trouble with stores that sell small products at small prices like this is 1) you invariably come away with more than you ever intended purchasing (see strawberry-shaped cat igloo, below) and 2) your life, really isn’t so much vastly improved for having these new items (but perhaps the cat’s is).  Some have argued that cheaply-priced small goods are mere crap all around; I disagree–Japanese $1.50 crap is so much better!  There is something happy about the bustle of an Asian budget-priced knick-knack store that beats a forlorn American BigLots! or Dollar Tree any day.

Some of the things I took home with me:


Left to right: strawberry shaped cat igloo for Biscuit ($7.00), lucky cat rice bowls in pink & brown ($1.50/per), fish ‘n cat cookie cutters ($1.50/set).