I am finally addressing secondary to-do lists (primary to-do lists being such things as, Purge Closet and Sell at Crossroads Trading Co. or Donate to Goodwill, Return Straus Family Creamery Glass Milk Bottles to the market for Deposit Refund, etc.).  Check this year-old self-imposed deadline out:

fbpayitfwdWhoops!  Was that one year ago?  I had several ideas in mind on what I would make for Rosie, Thy, Phayvanh, Tamiko and Christina in this pay-it-forward craft challenge, had ideas in mind, several false starts, a bold email to them in August that something in the mail was forthcoming (*blush*) and then radio silence.  So hard to motivate even when it’s going to be something that might be fun.

Well, a week or two shy of the year anniversary of the Facebook note, I did manage to put something together, add postage and send something handmade to the gals.

20100314crafts 011

This is a linocut illustration of a Ball glass mason jar laminated and mounted onto a magnet, suitable for your fridge or workspace.

I decided to take small prints of a tiny linoleum cut of a Ball mason jar and turn them into refrigerator magnets.

How this item was made:

This is an original small edition linocut I carved from a San Francisco Center for the Book “tiny linos” workshop I took a few months ago, taught by artist Marsha Shaw.  What was neat was that, instead of printing press/proof press equipment (very large and industrial) that is usually used to make linocut editions, the “printing press” was actually a modified manual credit card imprinter!  (Check out SFCB’s website: the class is being offered again on May 1.)

20100314crafts 008I cropped the image and applied a magnet backing to the print.  The magnet was made with a small Xyron brand sticker/magnet/laminating manually-operated machine that is widely available at craft and scrapbooking stores, Amazon, eBay, etc.  The price has really gone down ($25-55) since I first bought mine 10 or so years ago!

20100314crafts 009

20100314crafts 010

Craft to-do: Done!  And, hey, I’m blogging again too!  Do you procrastinate in your creative life?  Or, are crafts or hobbies an exercise in procrastination over other necessary tasks?